Discover your entire owned inventory of public-facing assets and monitor them continuously to prevent downtime and stop breakage.

PKI discovery and management

Why securing the network perimeter is a challenge

Gaining visibility into an organization's exposed network and application attack surface is hard. Even knowing where the assets are is difficult; there is rarely an asset inventory or one that's up to date. Knowing what's running and where, and how the services are configured, is a moving target. There is never enough time to do a good-enough job and finding experts in security is difficult. On top of that, technology changes so quickly, changes are constant, and operations are more distributed than ever. As a result, there is a lack of oversight, misconfiguration is rife, and there are frequent outages, as well as unknown security exposures.

Discover and monitor your entire inventory of public-facing assets

Hardenize provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s digital footprint, allowing customers to better understand and protect their entire critical attack surface area in the face of an ever-evolving threat environment.

Hardenize Identify all assets across your perimeter

Identify all assets across your perimeter

Hardenize provides ultimate visibility into what resources you're exposing on the Internet including your domains, subdomains, network ranges, dynamic (Cloud) IP addresses, and certificates.

Hardenize Monitor your network perimeter

Monitor your network perimeter

Once Hardenize has discovered your public-facing assets, it monitors them to understand what services you are providing. That means tracking all open ports, server information, detailed domain policy, server configuration, and seamless monitoring of all installed certificates with expiration and revocation notification. This data is then transformed into a semantic data model, from which we then build a search engine of your network infrastructure and services.

Hardenize Certificate Transparency

Benefit from Certificate Transparency monitoring

Via Certificate Transparency, Hardenize observes all the world's certificates as they are issued in real-time. It detects those that belong to you and pulls them into your account. It automates the analysis of these discoveries so that you can ignore those that are known and compliant, but focus your attention on misissued certificates.

Hardenize Certificate Inventory

Know what certificates are going to expire

Hardenize monitors your certificates and notifies you if they're about to expire, avoiding downtime. Crucially, it also monitors the certificates of third-party services your sites rely on, helping you avoid problems via dependencies and services you don't control directly.


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We rely on Hardenize to identify when our digital certificates are due to expire. We can easily inspect certificate details along with the endpoints that were discovered serving them without resorting to low-level debugging tools. Hardenize is allowing us to work methodically through our inventory of digital certificates before they expire while constantly monitoring progress along the way.

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Providing solutions for your greatest cyber vulnerabilities

Red Sift Solution Suites have been developed to address the high priority issues cyber-first organizations face today.

Domain Resilience

Protect your domain from abuse and enhance trust in your brand with OnDMARC and OnDOMAIN.

Email Resilience

Block advanced inbound and outbound phishing attacks with OnDMARC, OnDOMAIN, and OnINBOX.

Web Resillience

Harden your network perimeter against vulnerabilities with OnDMARC, Hardenize, and OnDOMAIN.


Digital Resilience

Close the cyber ring around all your web and human assets with OnDMARC, OnINBOX, OnDOMAIN, and Hardenize.

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