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Rois Ni Thuama, PhD

Rois Ni Thuama PhD is a doctor of law and subject matter expert in corporate governance, cyber governance, and risk management. She is Head of Cyber Governance for Red Sift.

She works with key clients across a wide market spectrum including governments, legal, finance, and banking, to spread a contemporary understanding of cyber threats, risks, liabilities, and resilience across diverse audiences and stakeholders to drive effective change. A recognized expert in the field of cyber governance, cybercrime & fraud prevention, this has resulted in invitations to present at the International Fraud Prevention Conference, the NYPD Cyber Crimes & Counter Terrorism Symposium, and the UN Information Communications Technology Conference, to name a few.

Career highlights

In 2022, Dr Ni Thuama was part of the team of cybersecurity experts tasked with the revision of NATO's cybersecurity curriculum as part of the Partnership for Peace Consortium's (PfPC) Defence Education Enhancement Program housed at the Austrian Defence Academy in Vienna.  She presented on the legal implications at The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Future Conflicts Conference in Washington D.C., United States.

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The days of escaping legal liability as a result of poorly configured code or because of a failure to implement standard solutions are gone. Shareholders are awake and class actions will follow. Management’s luck has run out.

Rois Ni Thuama
Rois Ni ThuamaPublished inPCPro, September 2022

Degrees and Accomplishments


Bangor University

• PhD. A Critique of Public Company Conduct in Relation to Facilitating Shareholder Diligence
• LLM International Commercial & Business Law

BPP University

LLB Law Degree

Trinity College Dublin

Mental & Moral Science

Licenses & Certifications

Harvard Kennedy School

School of Executive Education Cybersecurity: The Intersection of Policy and Technology Program

Harvard Business School

Online, Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age


Society of Legal Scholars


Abertay University

Division of Cybersecurity’s Industry Liaison Group